Depending on your budget, expectations, and other circumstances, Canada’s schools can supply or connect you to a variety of both on and off-campus accommodation options. If you are an international student, the first place to start looking for accommodation is the international students’ office or website of the college or university you are attending.

On Campus Accommodation in Canada

Commonly students choose to live on-campus in their first year. This is referred to as ‘residence’ or just ‘rez’ for short. Once you have been offered a place at a Canadian university, you will be prompted to arrange housing. Usually you can arrange all of this through the university’s website, you can go through the various options and decide what you want. If you have any special preferences you can contact the housing office, though it depends on the university if they can fulfil your requests. Commonly you will share your room with a roommate along with facilities like social area, kitchen, and a laundry room. Canada university and colleges provide internet and other facilities as part of your rent, which you would be paying at a semester basis. Around CAD 3000 – CAD 7500 are recommended per year if you are looking for on-campus accommodation.

  • Chestnut Residence at University of Toronto– Single room with a meal plan = $14,000-$18,000 per academic year
  • Totem Park at University of British Columbia– Shared and single rooms with a mandatory meal plan = CAD 527-725 per month

Do you know?

Average cost of accommodation is required for International Student is CAD 450 Per month.

  • International Living and Learning Centre at Ryerson University– Single room with private washroom and mandatory small meal plan = CAD 11,031 per academic year
  • Douglas Hall at McGill University– Single room = CAD 1,275 per month

Off-Campus Accommodation in Canada

Usually after their first year in their Canada college accommodation, students tend to look for an apartment or house and prefer to have a roommate to split the cost. Roomster or Easy Roommate are great online resources to find a good roommate that matches your requirements. Here you can rent out a room and share a bathroom, kitchen, and a social area. Rent costs depend on the city you choose to live in and it varies from city to city. Areas like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are the most expensive. Your recommended budget for off-campus residency should be around CAD $250-700 per month.

Below are the approximate living costs for 3-bedroom apartments in different Canadian cities:

  • Vancouver – CAD$1,950
  • Toronto – CAD$1,900
  • Ottawa – CAD$1,300
  • Edmonton – CAD$1,500
  • Montreal – CAD$1,050
  • Calgary – CAD$1,600


Homestay is also an option for student accommodation in Canada where you can live with a host family in Canada. With an initial placement fee of CAD$200, you would have to pay a monthly fee of around CAD$400-800 per month. In return you will get a room and share meals with the family. Participating in activities that would improve your English, teach you more about the culture and other things are also included in the many valuable experiences you will go through.

Accommodation Faqs !

  • Dormitories / On Campus Shared Accommodation
  • Off Campus Shared Apartment / Condominium
  • Home Stay

Yes, you may have to sign a tenancy agreement. A tenancy agreement is normally 6 months to 1 year in length.

Yes, if it’s not included in your tenancy agreement.

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