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Athabasca University is amongst the four comprehensive academic and research universities in Alberta. It is the first institute that mastered the art of distance education and provided students in Canada a chance to pursue the courses of their choice. Founded back in 1970, the Athabasca provides an array of courses and variety of distance learning programs to the individuals.

Programs offered at the Athabasca University:

As it is an online institute, you get a chance to learn from the comfort of your couch. Moreover, you can be from anywhere within Canada, any province, and the university also provides a chance for international students to learn online. Moreover, there are still student councils and student union magazines for you to cherish.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of health administration
  • Bachelor of science
  • Bachelor of human resources and labor relations
  • Bachelor of management
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of business administration
  • Master of education
  • Master of science
  • Master of counseling


The Concordia University of Edmonton is a private institute that primarily receives its funding from the tuition fee. Moreover, there are some private donations that help the institute as well as the limited support from the government of Alberta. Previously, it was known as the Concordia University College of Alberta. Allowing you to excel in different walks, there are tons of courses on offer.

Programs offered at the Concordia University of Edmonton:

As a student, you can enjoy a lot at the Concordia University of Edmonton. The management focuses on helping students become the best version of themselves. With a vibrant university culture, you get a chance to meet people of different colors.

  • Bachelor of management
  • Bachelor of education
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of science
  • Master of arts biblical and Christian studies
  • Bachelor of environmental health
  • Master of information systems assurance management
  • Bachelor of Science (chemistry) and a bachelor of management (dual degree)
  • Graduate certificates
  • Graduate diplomas


If you are looking for a post-secondary undergraduate university in Alberta, you should look up to MacEwan University. Located in Edmonton, this institute is labelled as the largest transfer-in post-secondary facility. There are over 43 certifications and diplomas addressing different careers as well as 10 baccalaureate degrees on offer along with one applied degree.

Programs offered at the MacEwan University:

Enroll yourself in MacEwan University and become a volunteer to lend a hand for supporting individuals or write essays and reports that will be published. Join your hands with your seniors and get the best opportunities to excel in your careers.

  • Accounting and strategic measurement
  • Bachelor of applied human service administration
  • Bachelor of Music in jazz and contemporary popular music
  • Bachelor of Science in engineering transfer
  • Cardiac nursing post-basic certificate
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Library and information technology
  • Police and investigation – investigative studies
  • Theatre production
  • Public relations

Calgary Spring bank

The government of Alberta announced a charter which led to the formation of the Mount Royal University in 1910. In 1931, the institute was given the rights to offer post-secondary education. It was not until 2009 that the facility was granted the status of a university. Right now, you have about 12 degrees and 32 majors on offer in a university where an average number of students in a class is 29.

Programs offered at the Mount Royal University:

The inclusive student community of Mount Royal University offers you a chance to enjoy a colorful and cheering environment. You will meet people who are passionate about what they are doing and teachers that are leaving no stone unturned in assuring that they are molding the coming generations rightfully.

  • Bachelor of arts – criminal justice
  • Bachelor of communication – public relations
  • Bachelor of child studies
  • Bachelor of health and physical education
  • Bachelor of science
  • Bachelor of interior design
  • Bachelor of communication – journalism
  • Bachelor of business administration
  • Bachelor of communication – broadcast media studies
  • Bachelor of education – elementary


The King’s University if a private Christian institute that offers you a chance to attain degrees in different fields. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the university has various faculties working at the moment. You will find courses from arts, natural science, humanities, management, education, social sciences, and music on offer for the upcoming students of The King’s University.

Programs offered at The Kings University:

Share your gifts and skills with other individuals at The King’s University and become a part of a family. Help each other in achieving success and cherish different events organized regularly by the administration as well as by students and unions at the institute.

  • Bachelor of science – biology
  • Bachelor of science – chemistry
  • Bachelor of commerce – business
  • Bachelor of science – computer science
  • Bachelor of arts – environmental studies, humanities, and social sciences
  • Bachelor of music
  • Bachelor of arts – politics, history, economy
  • Bachelor of arts – theology
  • Bachelor of arts – sociology
  • Bachelor of education


The University of Calgary is another public research university that is highly valuable and has a great reputation behind it. Ranked number 1 in Canada and North America among young universities by QS World Universities Ranking and Times Higher Education Ranking, you can be certain of high standards of education and quality student life experience.

Programs offered at the University of Calgary:

The university gives its students a chance to experience campus life at its best. You have an option to live on campus and a chance to explore the city that has a lot to offer to you. Many student services are on offer that includes career planning and starting a business. With labs available for research, you can do anything that you love.

  • Business technology management
  • Ancient and medieval history
  • Communication and media studies
  • Cellular, molecular, and microbial biology
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Multidisciplinary studies (bachelor of arts)
  • Leadership in pedagogy and coaching
  • Organizational behavior and human resources
  • Risk management, insurance, and finance
  • Software engineering


The University of Alberta is labeled as a comprehensive academic and research university. It means that you have a range of courses on offer with the focus primarily on the research. The programs on offer include both undergraduate and graduate courses. Moreover, the university has received a lot of recognition, listed by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings among the top 5 universities in Canada and one of the top 100 across the globe.

Programs offered at the University of Alberta:

The university possesses a strength of more than 38000, among which 7700 are international, and 1200 are indigenous students. You’ll surely find something for you as there are tons of things on offer that includes food, sports, student groups, support networks, and campus activities.

  • Bachelor of Science in agricultural / food business management
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science in agriculture
  • Bachelor of kinesiology
  • Bachelor of fine arts in arts and design
  • Bachelor of education in secondary education
  • Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering
  • Bachelor of design
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