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One of the best institutes of Art and Design that you will find across the country is the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. It was known as the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design previously, and it offers arts education at the post-secondary level. You will find this facility as one of the oldest ones in British Columbia that deals with post-secondary studies. Here, you have a chance to learn art, media, and design.

Programs offered at Emily Carr University of Art and Design:

With a vibrant and colorful university life, you get a chance to lift the tools in your hand and do some work practically. There are tons of activities as this university focuses on art and design, and you have numerous events to cherish.

  • 3D computer animation
  • Professional development
  • Film, video, integrated media
  • Graduate studies masters
  • Communication design
  • Sculpture and expanded practices
  • Visual arts studio
  • Professional development
  • Print media
  • Painting


The Kwantlen Polytechnic University is a public facility that allows you to study and attain a degree in undergraduate polytechnic courses. You have studied in one of the many campuses of KPU and get your bachelors degree and associate degrees. Moreover, the university also offers diploma and certification to its students along with apprenticeship. At the moment, there are around 120 different courses on offer.

Programs offered at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

Though a polytechnic university, there is still a lot in it for the students. It focuses on keeping learning a fun activity. So, the sting of boredom is taken out with clubs and events, sports, and other recreational activities.

  • Access programs for people with disabilities
  • Applied business technology
  • Automotive service technician
  • Business and quantitative methods
  • Brewing and brewery operations
  • Computer-aided design and drafting
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Counseling psychology
  • Graphic design for marketing
  • Fashion and technology


Royal Roads University has its headquarters in Colwood, and it is situated on the grounds of Royal Roads Military College. The university came into existence in 1995 as the government was focusing on an institute that grants a degree in applied and professional walks. As of now, the university possesses a strong connection with the Canadian Forces, and the university considers the alumni of RRMC as a part of their community.

Programs offered at the Royal Roads University:

The university has a ton of ways to keep the students involved in different activities. You have a chance to become a part of clubs and organizations and choose the one freely, which fits your taste. Moreover, there is a foodbank that keeps the community and encourages individuals to lend helping hands.

  • MA in tourism management
  • Pre-masters program
  • MA in intercultural and international communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in professional communication
  • Bachelor of arts in justice studies
  • Bachelor of business administration in business and sustainability
  • Bachelor of arts in international hotel management
  • Bachelor of Science in environmental science
  • Bachelor of commerce in entrepreneurial management
  • Master of global management


Simon Fraser University is another public research institute that you’ll find in British Columbia. It has various campuses that are operational and providing education to an array of students. Over 30,000 students are studying at the university with the help of over 950 faculty members. The programs are offered at undergraduate and graduate levels. The SFU is the only university in Canada which competes in National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Programs offered at the Simon Fraser University:

Simon Fraser University gives you a chance to be a part of their student unions. It is fun and different from many universities as they are elected and the student-run bodies are there to represent the undergraduate individuals. Moreover, there are other student services like FASS Connections and FASS One that you can benefit from.

  • Art, performance, and cinema studies
  • Computer science
  • Environmental science
  • General studies in education
  • Biomedical physiology
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Mechatronic systems engineering
  • Resource and environmental management
  • Sustainable energy engineering

Vancouver, Kelowna

The University of British Columbia is based in Vancouver and was established back in 1908. It is the oldest university that you’ll find in the area. Due to the quality education that it provides, the university has made its way into the top 20 public universities across the globe and is labeled to be one of the top three institutes in Canada. Also, it is home to the national laboratory of Canada that deals with particle and nuclear physics.

Programs offered at the University of British Columbia:

At UBC, you will find individuals with enthusiasm and curiosity. Some people are willing to discover more about the world and want to dive deep into various fields. With education, there is an appropriate focus on recreational and social activities, giving you a chance to enhance your skills and sports ability.

  • Bachelor + Master of management (dual degree)
  • Philosophy, politics, and economics
  • Business and computer science
  • Ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Forest bioeconomy sciences and technology
  • Chemical and biological engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Mathematics and economics


Thompson Rivers University is an institute that provides public teaching and research facilities. You can study here to acquire an undergraduate or graduate degree. Moreover, the university also provides vocational training on its campus. With over 140 programs on offer, along with 60 distance learning courses and online programs, you have a lot to learn at the Thompson Rivers University.

Programs offered at the Thompson Rivers University:

Expand your first-year experience at the Thompson Rivers University with the help of your mentors and a supportive community. Manage your finance in a better way with the options provided to you by the administration and get involved in student leadership and peer mentor programs. Volunteer for social activities and join student clubs to spice up your university life.

  • Adventure Studies, BTM
  • Business administration
  • Computing science
  • Economics and mathematics
  • Forestry transfer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resource management
  • Software engineering
  • Tourism management
  • Supply chain management

Prince George

If you are looking towards a small facility which has its focus towards research, you can look up to the University of Northern British Columbia. It has numerous regional campuses, with the main campus in Prince George, and receives thousands of students each year in its diverse faculties. Considering its size, the facility is taken to be a good option for an undergraduate. It was also ranked at number 1 university of its size that provides quality undergraduate studies.

Programs offered at the University of Northern British Columbia:

UNBC is your home away from home. You will find a caring set of individuals and a loving peer group around you. The environment is very helpful in developing supportive and long-term social relations.

  • Bachelor of health sciences
  • Bachelor of social work
  • Bachelor of Arts – general arts
  • Bachelor of arts – public administration and community development
  • Bachelor of arts – history and political science (dual degree)
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting
  • Bachelor of science – mathematics, and statistics
  • Bachelor of science – computer science and math (dual degree)
  • Bachelor of science – chemistry, and physics (dual degree)
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Finance


The University of the Fraser Valley, previously known to many as the University College of the Fraser Valley as well as the Fraser Valley College, is an institute that is providing education since 1974. The authorities realized that there was a need for a facility which can deal with the vocational training in the best possible manner. Therefore, this university was established to cater to the needs of thousands of people.

Programs offered at the University of Fraser Valley:

If you are looking for ways to get involved in various activities, there are numerous student engagement initiatives for you to consider. These include the UFV lead and student life ambassadors. Moreover, there is a healthy environment, and the university encourages its students to assist the fellows as well as volunteer for community programs.

  • Accounting certificate
  • Bachelor of arts – anthropology
  • Automation and robotics technician – diploma
  • Business administration
  • Computer information systems (degree and diploma)
  • Culinary arts certificate
  • Digital manufacturing diploma
  • Engineering physics – diploma in mechatronics
  • Graphic and digital design
  • Liberal arts


The University of Victoria is a major research university that provides you a chance to attain research-centric and practical learning. It is among the oldest institute that gives you post-secondary education in British Columbia as it was established back in 1903. With assistance from McGill University, that was its primary sponsor; the University started providing education to the pupil in British Columbia. Now, the strength crosses 22000, with thousands of alumni across the globe.

Programs offered at the British Columbia University:

The university pays close attention to increasing the support for the students. Therefore, you will find numerous athletics and recreational options. Also, you have the bookstore from where you can acquire a variety of books. The campus safety and counseling measures are also appreciable.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Doctorate of philosophy
  • Master of education
  • Bachelor of software engineering
  • Bachelor of fine arts
  • Bachelor of social work
  • Master of science
  • Juris doctor
  • Master of law
  • Master of business administration


Vancouver Island University is an institute that serves the people of Vancouver Island as well as individuals from across the country. It is a public university with its roots going as far back as 1936. Formerly named the Malaspina University College, the institute has its impact on the educational, cultural, and economic development of the region. It was a Provincial Youth Training Center in 1936 that grew up to become a university.

Programs offered at the Vancouver Island University:

Studies may help you to shape your career, but the campus activities are there to form your personality and uncover your hidden traits. Special attention is given to events and other activities to assure that the students can perform at their best and get to know more about their abilities.

  • Art, design, and performing arts
  • English as a second language
  • Business and management studies
  • Professional development and training
  • Tourism, recreation, and hospitality
  • Education
  • Health
  • Trades and applied technology
  • Arts, humanities, and social sciences
  • Science and technology
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