Financing your Education in USA

Careful planning is important and wise. You will need to prove to the university, to the US Consulate official issuing visa stamps), and possibly to the US Customs and Border Protection that you have enough money to cover your living expenses (housing, food, clothing, etc.) and health insurance, as well as Institution tuition and fees.
So how much money will you need? You can get a general idea of the cost by looking at the catalogs or application details provided by the university. Keep in mind, however, that tuition fee differs widely. Universities (public) are often, but not always, less costly than private institutions. Some private institutions can offer government funded scholarships that state schools cannot. Two-year or community colleges are generally less expensive than colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s and degree graduates
The cost of living in different parts of America also varies. In general, living in cities (near or in the big city) is quite expensive than living in small towns or rural areas. Renting an apartment in a big city can cost twice as much as a small town because there is a high demand for housing in big American cities. Similarly, food, clothing, entertainment and other accommodation costs can be expensive in the city.

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You cannot apply for F1 Student Visa 3 months prior the start of your course

Financing in USA​​ Faqs:

Tuition fee varies from state to state, average tuition fee for international student per year is USD 25000.

Estimated cost of living in US for international student is $10000-$12000.

Scholarships, grants and prizes are often available. The universities and Colleges do not look only for bright students, but also for interesting and original candidates. If you have any special skill apart from your studies, in fields like music, sports, arts, student politics or others, make sure to mention it in your admission application.

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