Type of Accommodation

Cost (in British Pound)

Residence Halls

£300-£700 per month, Approximately £500 on average, and higher in London

One bedroom flat (in London)

£1,200 – £2,200 per month depending on whether the flat is in the suburbs or in central London

One bedroom flat (outside of London)

£600 – £700 per month


£600 – £800 per month

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Housing Costs

The cost of living will vary depending on the type of accommodation the student chooses. Many students choose to stay in university residence halls during their first year to practice their environment before moving to a private residence in the following years. On-Campus residences include shared and private bedrooms, or the most common private rooms in UK Universities. When choosing to stay in residence halls, students can choose between self-catered and catered residences. Self-Catered halls include a shared kitchen for 10- 10 students, where students can prepare their own meals. Catered halls include a dining hall with a dining area where students can get their meals. Food costs are included in the rental item.

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The average housing cost per week is £ 70 outside London and the average cost of food outside London is £ 50.

Other Living Expenses

Students need to also account for the following expenses when planning their budget:

Type of Expenses

Associated Cost (in British Pound)


£70 – £100 per month

Electricity, Water and Gas (If Living Off-Campus)

£40 – £50 per month

Internet (Usually included in Residence Hall Fees)

£30 – £40 per month

Mobile Phone

£15 – £20 per month

Textbooks & Supplies

£40 per month

Public Transport (in London)

£50 -£120 per month

Public Transport (outside London)

£45 per month

Housing & Living Faqs:

International students have number of options to go with, they can either stay in the university’s dormitory, they can hire a private room or they can have an option of homestay as well.

Yes, living in Greater London is expensive compare to other major cities.

It varies where your accommodation is and where your university is located. Average travelling cost in London is 150.

Yes, you can apply for discounted student Oyster travel card by providing a valid letter from your College / University.


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