Ontario Universities

Sault Ste. Marie

Algoma University claims itself to be a facility where experts are ready to share the knowledge with pupils and direct them to the right to enhance their skills and ability. They promise one on one teaching with a skilled group of people who are qualified and experienced in their walks. The programs are engaging, and the authority is committed to helping individuals find success in their life.

Programs offered at Algoma University:

At Algoma University, students are treated as a part of a community. You will find that there is a wide range of cultural and academic activities provided to individuals at the campus. The administration believes in bringing a meaningful and life-changing experience for their students. So, being your journey today with AU.

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Business administration
  • Community economic and social development
  • Computer science
  • Geography and geology
  • Finance and economics
  • Law and justice
  • Political science
  • Visual arts


Brescia university believes in giving the student a lot more than just a diploma. They try their best to bring a difference in the lives of students. Providing access to affordable and unique education that complies to the modern-day industry standards, the Brescia University aims at making an individual able to be a fulfilling personality. The mission is to help students realize their potential and do their best to get maximum from their lives.

Programs offered at Brescia University:

The office of student affairs provides assistance to students at all levels. It is a firm belief in the community that they become great by achieving the goals together. Helping others and assisting them in achieving their potential would help you in bringing the most out of yourself too.

  • Graphics design
  • English with an emphasis in professional writing
  • Biochemistry
  • Communication sciences and disorders
  • Engineering technology
  • Political science
  • Master of business administration
  • Master of Science in management
  • Master of social work
  • Arts

St. Catharines

One of the best universities in Ontario that provide practical education to its students is Brock University. It is among the most popular facilities that provide quality education to its students. There are seven faculties operating in the institute, and it has over 19000 students under its banner. Brock is certainly more than a school; it is a facility where you experience curricular and extracurricular activities at their full potential.

Programs offered at Brock University:

The student life is pretty lively at Brock University with pupils being offered numerous opportunities to grow their skills. Moreover, you get a chance to be an integral part of the community by collectively engaging in various activities.

  • Applied computing
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Business administration Co-Op international dual degree
  • Computer science and mathematics
  • Studies in comparative literatures and cultures
  • Media and communication studies
  • Accountancy
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration
  • Social justice and equity


Carleton University is an institute that has educated over 140,000 individuals. The school provides you a chance to study in different fields that include computer science, engineering, physics, international business, entrepreneurship, political science, and many more. With an excellent record, remarkable reputation as a University and great facilities for students, Carleton University is certainly a standout.

Programs offered at Carleton University:

There are tons of ways to involve students and help them to grow at Carleton University. You will find the residence facility along with the student services at a dedicated desk. There are clubs and societies for you to explore, athletics and sports to keep yourself physically engaged, and much more to explore in Ottawa.

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Electrical and computer engineering
  • Food science and nutrition
  • Infrastructure protection and international security
  • Philanthropy and nonprofit leadership
  • Public policy and administration
  • Technology innovation management
  • Systems and computer engineering
  • Cognitive science


A promising institute delivering quality education, the Dominican University College is a bilingual Roman Catholic university. The institute offers a number of courses from civil and pontifical walks. You will be able to enroll in bachelors, masters, and doctoral courses. Philosophy and theology are two of the many popular courses at the Dominican University College with a full range of programs including certifications and doctorate.

Programs offered at the Dominican University College:

With the primary focus on the faculty of philosophy and theology, the university looks up to producing valuable thinkers and creative individuals. It won’t be wrong to say that the Dominican University College has the complete collection of courses for anyone interested in philosophy and theology.

  • Certificate in Philosophy (applied ethics)
  • Bachelor of philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts with a major in Philosophy and minor in theology
  • Bachelor of Arts with a major in theology and minor in philosophy
  • Master of Arts in philosophy
  • Doctorate in philosophy
  • Certificate in philosophy and theology (transition program)
  • Bachelor in theology
  • Bachelor of Arts with a double major in philosophy and in theology
  • Doctorate in theology


The Huron University College is an affiliated institute with ties to the University of Western Ontario. It was incorporated back in 1863. The step was taken by two Anglican priests, which is why it is also home to the Anglican seminary. The record of this institute goes 15 years beyond the University of Western Ontario and is had a great role in the formation of the latter.

Programs offered at the Huron University College:

Huron University College aims at developing lifelong ties with the students and its community. There, students will receive a warm welcome into a caring group of individuals. Extending its support for the students and a dedicated desk to address any issue they face, the pupils are likely to enjoy a vibrant and lively environment.

  • Arts and social sciences
  • Economics
  • English and cultural studies
  • Philosophy
  • Master of Arts
  • Major and Minor in religion and theology
  • Management and organizational studies
  • Master of divinity
  • Political science
  • Governance, leadership, and ethics


Known primarily as the King’s College, the King’s University College is another Roman Catholic facility offering co-educational experience. The liberal arts college is the largest affiliated institute as it is tied with the University of Western Ontario. There are over 3500 students enrolled, and numerous unique programs are being offered. Moreover, it is also affiliated with St. Peter’s Seminary.

Programs offered at the King’s University College:

The campus is filled with activities for students, and there is certainly a lot on offer. With a focus on making the life comfortable and enjoyable, the King’s University College focuses on providing athletics, sports, recreation, residence, food and shopping, mailroom, and student support services. Also, they keep a keen eye on student’s safety.

  • Accounting
  • Criminology
  • Economics and finance
  • Finance and administration
  • Organizational and human resources
  • School of management, economics, and mathematics
  • World religions and culture
  • Foundations in western thought and civilization
  • Social justice and peace studies
  • School of social work

Thunder Bay

Offering an array of graduate and undergraduate programs, the Lakehead University is a public research facility that has its campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia. The LU is a nondenominational institute which is supported by the provincial government. With the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law and international accreditation as a business school (AACSB), you can equip yourself with modern day education.

Programs offered at the Lakehead University:

Promising to make its students experience everything in an extraordinary way, there are more than 50 clubs for you to join. You get numerous physical activities and a chance to join the Thunderwolves fan club. Whether it is about having a chance to join extracurricular activities or spending time outside of a classroom, you will find it all at LU.

  • Applied life sciences
  • Engineering (electrical, mechanical, software)
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmental management
  • Resource and environmental economics
  • Specialization in nursing
  • Psychological sciences
  • Forest sciences
  • Law
  • Business


Laurentian University might not be the biggest university in the area, but it certainly has managed to create an impact and a good reputation. There are many individuals who enroll in this institute while a lot of students graduate each year to start a successful career. Offering a number of courses at the graduate level, the institute provides distant education in Canada is labeled as the largest bilingual educator.

Programs offered at the Laurentian University:

Enrolling in the Laurentian University, you get a chance to acquire both on-campus and off-campus accommodation. There are dining and shopping facilities, along with appropriate transportation options and parking availability. Sit in campus libraries to read your favorite books, attend the sports events, and be a part of other extracurricular activities on hand.

  • English literature and rhetoric
  • Workplace and labor studies
  • Equity, diversity, and human rights
  • Law and justice
  • Sport psychology
  • Human kinetics
  • Business administration
  • Environmental geoscience
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Behavioral neuroscience


The McMaster University, also known as the Mac, is another public research university. Situated in Hamilton, it offers you a chance to enroll in one of its 6 high profile faculties. These include social science, DeGroote school of business, humanities, science, health science, and engineering. McMaster is a part of U15, which is a group of universities in Canada that focus a lot on research and development.

Programs offered at McMaster University:

From dining and meal plans to clubs and athletics, everything you possibly need from a facility is available to you at the Mac. You also have a residence and housing option along with student support services.

  • Combined honors program in arts and science and another subject
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of applied science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of engineering and society
  • Bachelor of biomedical engineering
  • Bachelor of technology
  • Bachelor of fine arts
  • Bachelor of medical radiation science
  • Bachelor of science

North Bay

A public liberal arts university that is offering undergraduate studies to individuals, the Nipissing University is the place to be if you want to enroll in undergraduate courses. The institute may appear to have limited resources but in its small classrooms and tight faculties you have easy access to professors and other resources. Offering some of the best residency programs in Canada, Nipissing University is a decent mid-sized university.

Programs offered at the Nipissing University:

When you are accepted as a student at Nipissing University, you become a member of the NU student union. This membership provides you direct and exclusive access to student health insurance plan, frosh week events, and numerous other opportunities.

  • Education (concurrent and consecutive)
  • Business and administration
  • Child and family studies
  • Gender equality and social justice
  • Liberal science
  • Environment and physical geography
  • Liberal arts
  • Environmental biology and technology
  • Physical health and education
  • Social welfare and social development


Known to many individuals as the OCAD University, the Ontario College of Art and Design deals primarily with the subjects of art. Providing lavish training facility, practical education in different sectors involved with arts and studies, and labeled as the oldest and largest institute of art and design in Canada, you have a lot to learn here. There are 3 primary faculties that include design, art, and liberal arts and sciences.

Programs offered at the Ontario College of Art and Design University:

Campus life includes appropriate attention to fitness and wellbeing. You can be certain that you are receiving classes from world-class mentors. There are student groups to join and chance for you to be a part of numerous volunteer programs.

  • Advertising
  • Drawing and painting with a focus on digital painting and expanded animation
  • Cross-disciplinary art: life studies
  • Environmental design with specialization in interior design
  • Cross-disciplinary art: publications
  • Integrated media: digital painting and expanded animation
  • Indigenous visual culture
  • Visual and critical studies
  • Material art and design
  • Interdisciplinary masters in art, media, and design


Queen’s University at Kingston, also known as the Queen’s University or simply Queen’s, was founded in 1841. It was formed because of the royal charter issued by Queen Victoria. Its formation goes 26 years prior to the establishment of Canada. The University has 10 different departments categorized under the graduate, undergraduate, professional faculties, and other schools. With over 23,000 students enrolled, the university has 131,000 alumni to its name.

Programs offered at the Queen’s University at Kingston:

Along with the above, there are countless courses on offer, and the levels include bachelor, master, doctoral, diploma, and certifications. The administration believes in doing more than just assignments and marks. It allows you to get involved with others and gives you an opportunity to create a difference locally as well as globally.

  • Anatomic pathology
  • Applied sustainability
  • Astronomy and astrophysics
  • Biomedical and molecular science
  • Business and law combined
  • Computing and creative arts
  • Earth and energy resources leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Family medicine
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation


If you are willing to enroll in a private Christian liberal arts college, Redeemer University College is your go-to place. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and is surrounded by Ancaster, which is a rural community. Offering you studies primarily from the fields of arts, education, and sciences, the redeemer college takes you away from the urban area.

Programs offered at the Redeemer University College:

Redeemers community believes in making friends for life. You have a chance to join your hands with a healthy and vibrant community and deal with day to day tasks together. Moreover, as it is a Christian liberal arts college, they have a strong faith in their teachings and believe in providing you a home far from your home.

  • Applied social sciences
  • Business not for profit management
  • Criminal justice
  • Environmental science
  • Health science
  • Media – digital media and production
  • Media and communication studies
  • Politics – international development
  • Religion- biblical and theological studies
  • Theatre arts


The Royal Military College provides you a chance to train yourself as a military officer. However, unlike other army institutes, the RMC provides a proper degree and holds the status of a degree-granting university. Also, it is the only military institute in the country to have the power of issuing a degree. With a diverse faculty, you are certain to find the Royal Military College of Canada different from others.

Programs offered as the Royal Military College of Canada:

You will go through military training through this college along with pursuing the studies in the department of your choice. There is a department of athletics too along with some recreational clubs to offer entertainment and extracurricular activities.

  • Applied military science
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Political science and economics
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Electrical and computer engineering
  • Management
  • Physics and space science
  • Defense studies
  • Military psychology and leadership
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering


Ryerson University is a public research university that provides you access to business studies, management courses, and a number of other programs. The current number of students at the university is remarkable with more than 39000 in undergraduate, 2600 in graduate, and 12,000 in continuing education faculties. As per student enrollment, it is 4th in Ontario and 10th throughout the country.

Programs offered at Ryerson University:

Ryerson University is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, which offers you access to almost everything you need. Appropriate dining and housing facility is available with several campus services. Numerous chances are provided to students to get involved in sports, recreation, and community events. There is a huge focus on equity and community inclusion.

  • Accounting and finance
  • Arts and contemporary studies
  • Business technology management
  • Environment and urban sustainability
  • Financial mathematics
  • Graphic communications management
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Image art
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Public administration and governance


A Catholic Pontifical University in Ottawa, Ontario, the Saint Paul University provides bilingual training to its students. Established back in 1848, the institute provides you a chance to learn in French as well as in English. It is the founding college of the University of Ottawa and provides you education in counseling and psychotherapy, human relations, law, theology, philosophy, and other different departments.

Programs offered at the Saint Paul University:

At Saint Paul University, you will see international students and local individuals working together as a community for the collective betterment of human beings. The institute provides financial aid and scholarships. A long list of extracurricular activities is also on offer.

  • Canon Law
  • Bachelor of Arts with a major in theology
  • Master of Divinity
  • Catholic bioethics
  • Bachelor of Arts with major in conflict studies
  • Bachelor of arts in human relations and spirituality
  • Bachelor of arts in ethics and contemporary social issues
  • Bachelor of arts in social communication
  • Master in religious education
  • D. in interdisciplinary research on contemporary social issues


St. Jerome’s University is a Roman Catholic institute in Waterloo, Ontario. It works in collaboration with the University of Waterloo and provides academics and residence opportunity. The university focuses on social and art studies and has dedicated programs for individuals that look forward to being catholic social leaders and play a role in their community.

Programs offered at the St. Jerome’s University:

At St. Jerome’s University, you get a chance to go beyond academics and use your brain in numerous other activities. Some of the things that you enjoy at the institute include meditative yoga, movie nights, relay for life, Zumba class, Halloween haunt, skyzone trip, green and gold gala, trivia nights, cooking with lessons, and iron chef competitions.

  • Human sciences
  • Sociology and legal studies
  • Philosophy
  • Italian and French
  • Religious studies
  • Medieval studies
  • Sexuality, marriage, and family studies
  • Religious studies
  • Italian and French studies
  • Master of catholic thought


Trent University offers you a chance to enroll in its main campus in Peterborough or the satellite campus in Oshawa and pursue your studies in a state of the art institution. The facility is well known in the community due to its Oxbridge college system. The class size is relatively small, and there is a series of colleges in which it is divided. With over 7800 undergraduate and 500 graduate students enrolled at Peterborough campus, you are likely to have a lively community.

Programs offered at the Trent University:

With clubs and groups to help students developing strong ties with the likeminded individuals, student government and leadership and a solid support system, you can enjoy access to sports, arts, social, and other events at the Trent University.

  • Specialization in Mediterranean archaeology
  • Specialization in information systems and eCommerce
  • Specialization in ethics and sustainability
  • Specialization in conservation biology
  • Business and science
  • Specialization in data analytics
  • Specialization in law and policing
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Medical professional stream


A comprehensive and state of the art public research facility, the University of Guelph is at number 4 in the Maclean’s University Rankings 2018. The list gives you information regarding top universities that focus on research and provide a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs as well as professional studies. With a lively campus and a highly appreciated Hospitality and Tourism Management program, the university has a lot to offer.

Programs offered at the University of Guelph:

The university provides a chance to learn inside as well as outside of the classroom. There are dedicated workspaces for students from different courses to implement their knowledge practically. The office of intercultural affairs provides a unique experience to the students of the University of Guelph.

  • Bachelor of applied science
  • Bachelor of Science in environmental sciences
  • Bachelor of engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science in agriculture
  • Bachelor of computing
  • Doctor of veterinary medicine
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of landscape architecture
  • Bachelor of arts and science


The University of Ontario Institute of Technology, commonly known to many as the Ontario Tech University, is a place for tech lovers. Although there are other programs addressing subjects from engineering, science, health, and other industries, the primary focus is on the tech, and you will be able to find state of the art teaching from some of the best teachers in the country.

Programs offered at University of Ontario Institute of Technology:

There are numerous student services available at the campus to promote studies as well as recreational and communal activities. You will be able to acquire appropriate academic support along with career readiness. You’ll be a part of a vibrant community that believes in equity and inclusion.

  • Applied and industrial mathematics
  • Biological science
  • Commerce
  • Communication and digital media studies
  • Criminology and justice
  • Educational studies and digital technology
  • Health physics and radiation science
  • Forensic psychology
  • Information technology
  • Networking and Information technology


The University of Ottawa is an institute that provides teaching in two languages; English and French. You will be able to enroll in a gigantic 42.5 hectares campus and enjoy a number of academic programs. A decent emphasis is put on co-curricular activities. In a facility that is research-intensive and is very keen on teaching students with hands-on training sessions and assignments, you can be certain about learning the modern-day education in the best possible way.

Programs offered at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology:

The students have access to a colorful campus that has tons of fun activities for you. With the availability of fun festivals, educational entertainment, and other extracurricular activities, you won’t get bored and stuck solely in your studies.

  • Bachelor of music
  • Bachelor of science
  • Biomedical, mechanical engineering
  • BASc in chemical engineering
  • Graduate diploma chartered professional accountancy
  • Graduate diploma organizational performance management
  • BA in psychology
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of Science in translational and molecular medicine
  • BSc in computer science


The University of St. Michael’s College is a college run by university of Toronto. It focuses primarily on undergraduate studies with main attention towards the liberal arts and science. Moreover, it is able to attain its affiliation with Roman Catholic due to the postgraduate offerings in theology, which makes it a great school of humanities and theology. If you are willing to pursue the medieval studies, you will get that chance here too.

Programs offered at the University of St. Michael’s College:

There are over 5000 undergraduate students, among whom 500 live on campus in the residence building. The institute is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment where individuals have a chance to engage in various activities and volunteer for the community.

  • Introduction to the old testament
  • Jesus and justice
  • Catholicism in conversation
  • Beauty, human and divine
  • The early medieval tradition
  • Media in culture and society
  • Christianity, law, and society
  • Christ in the Christian tradition
  • The bible and biology
  • God and geometry


The University of Sudbury is another Roman Catholic establishment that teaches in both French and English. It offers various courses to its student with most of the attention towards the religious studies and philosophy. Moreover, the subjects pertaining to indigenous studies and folklore are also offered. Being a federated school of Laurentian University, you will certainly find the impact of the latter pretty visible.

Programs offered at the University of Sudbury:

Apart from the above, the university offers you a chance to get personal counseling and set your spiritual direction. Moreover, there is a film for thought, which is a four-part film series offered by spiritual services, and a library offering you tons of books to study. Other campus services and summer lodging option is also available to the students at the University of Sudbury.

  • Journalism
  • Ethnology
  • Philosophy
  • Religious studies
  • Indigenous studies
  • Etudes journalistiques
  • Folklore et ethnologie
  • Etudes autochtones
  • Philosophie
  • Sciences religieuses

Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough

The University of Toronto is an institute that needs no introduction. It was founded under the command of the royal charter in 1827. King’s College was the place of birth for this institute, and currently, it has eleven colleges working under its banner. Two satellite campuses are also operating in the surroundings to educate the individuals. Perhaps the best thing about the University of Toronto is its top spot in the list of best Canadian universities.

Programs offered at the University of Toronto:

With a gigantic catalog of programs offered at the institute, you’ll also get a chance to experience vibrant student life. The administration understands that you need something more than just good grades. So, you can connect with people, engage physically and mentally, and pursue your goals in the best possible way.

  • Art and art history
  • Behavior, genetics, and neurobiology
  • Astronomy and astrophysics
  • Buddhism, psychology, and mental health
  • Communication, culture, information, and technology
  • Digital enterprise management
  • History and philosophy of science and technology
  • Mathematical applications in economics and finance
  • Professional writing and communication
  • Theatre and drama studies


Trinity College is a college working under the command of the University of Toronto. It provides a chance to study the undergraduate programs relevant to secular studies. The postgraduate divinity school gives you another direction towards humanities and liberal arts and science studies. Moreover, you have offerings in theology too. Oxbridge traditions are also visible at this facility.

Programs offered at the Trinity College:

The authorities at Trinity College have a keen interest in student life, and they provide you more than just day to day classroom learning and assignments. There are over 140 student organizations and clubs with campus regularly arranging festivals, concerts, movies, parties, athletics, and other events.

  • Ancient history and archaeology
  • Diploma in acting and theatre
  • Global business (bachelor in business studies)
  • Philosophy political science economics and sociology
  • Stage management and technical theatre
  • Human nutrition and dietetics (joint degree)
  • Electronic and computer engineering (joint program)
  • Civil, structural and environmental engineering
  • Management science and information system studies
  • Physiology: biological and biomedical sciences


Referred to as the UW, the University of Waterloo is an institute that offers academic programs in 6 different faculties. There are three satellite campuses and 4 colleges that are affiliated with this facility. With a focus on intensive research and studies, the UW is listed in U15, which is a group of 15 universities that pay great attention to research and development. Also, the University of Waterloo is known because of running the largest post-secondary cooperative education program globally.

Programs offered at the University of Waterloo:

We all know that most of the university experiences are not from the classrooms but from the time spent with your friends and events cherished at the campus. The UW emphasizes on additional activities and encourages its pupil to stay active.

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Business administration and computer science (double degree)
  • Combinatorics and optimization
  • Computing and financial management
  • Environment, resources, and sustainability
  • Information technology management
  • Financial analysis and risk management
  • Theatre and performance
  • Recreation and sport business
  • Classical studies


The University of Windsor is the southernmost university in Canada. With over 12000 students that are enrolled in fulltime and part-time undergraduate courses, the facility has more than 100,000 alumni. The 9 faculties currently operating at the institute include faculty of graduate studies, faculty of law, faculty of human kinetics, faculty of engineering, and Odette school of business. Providing teaching through the faculties and independent schools, there is a lot for you to learn here.

Programs offered at the University of Windsor:

The UW is home to more than 16,000 students each year. Focusing on the comfort of student and assuring that you’ll leave it with some lifelong friends and memories it gives you a great chance to develop yourself both personally and academically.

  • Acting
  • Behavior cognition and neuroscience
  • Civil engineering
  • Forensic science
  • Industrial engineering
  • School of the environment
  • Visual arts
  • Economics
  • Business administration
  • Communication, media, and film


Victoria University is another college that works under the University of Toronto and provides you a chance to excel in liberal arts and sciences. Named after Queen Victoria and commonly known as the Victoria College, the college is located in the northeastern part of the university campus. Providing access to quality education, you will certainly love the facility for its healthy and colorful environment.

Programs offered at Victoria University:

If you are looking for something more than just study, you will find Victoria University offering it to you. There, you have access to advocacy groups and athletics, book store and counseling services, and some great food and nutrition. The campus safety is monitored closely with the availability of appropriate health and medical services in the institute.

  • Art history and visual studies
  • Biology and ocean sciences
  • Computer science and health information science
  • Digital and interactive media in arts
  • Financial mathematics and economics
  • Health and community services
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Mechanical systems
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Professional writing in journalism and publishing


The University of Western Ontario is a facility which is now being branded as the Western University. The name was changed back in 2012 by the administration. Serving to the students for a long time, with more than 306,000 alumni and 24,000 individuals currently studying, you can surely say that the UWO has something unique to offer to you.

Programs offered at the University of Western Ontario:

Some of the highlight features of campus life include matchless academics and learning, as well as healthy arts and cultural activities. There are athletic competitions on a regular basis, and you have clubs and associations to spice up your university life. Appropriate career support is offered to help you excel in the career of your choice.

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Information and media studies
  • DAN management and organizational studies
  • Medicine and dentistry
  • Advanced health care practice MCISc
  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Design and manufacturing engineering
  • Microbiology and immunology
  • Physiology and pharmacology
  • Theory and criticism

Waterloo, Brantford

The Wilfrid Laurier University is a public university with its main campus in Waterloo while a secondary wing operating in Brantford. Moreover, they have their offices in Kitchener, Toronto, and Chongqing (China). There are about 15000 full-time students that are studying the undergraduate program of their choice, with 900+ individuals pursuing their graduate course at the facility. The university is named after the 7th Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Programs offered at the Wilfrid Laurier University:

The student life includes dining on campus and a chance to enjoy diversity and equity. There is huge support provided to international students, along with the residence facility. With numerous student organizations and appropriate addressing of student affairs, you will find a great ecosystem in place at WLU.

  • Applied social research
  • Business administration and computer science (double degree)
  • Digital media and journalism
  • Economics and financial management
  • Executive master’s in technology management
  • History and philosophy of science
  • Game design and development
  • Law degree and arts degree
  • Policing
  • Spiritual care and psychotherapy


The third-largest university of Canada, York University, is home to over 52,300 students and a staggering number of 7000 individuals in staff and faculty. With more than 295,000 alumni all across the globe, the university allows you to pursue the program of your choice at the level you desire. There are over 11 faculties to address the study requirements of various individuals and allow you to attain knowledge of the fields you like.

Programs offered at the York University:

A vibrant student life awaits you at York University as they provide their students with unparalleled experience regarding both curricular and extracurricular activities. Make some lifelong friends, discover yourself, uncover passion, and sail towards a bright future.

  • Advanced management graduate diploma
  • Anti-racist research and practice
  • Arts and media administration graduate diploma
  • Business economics
  • Children, childhood, and youth
  • Civil engineering
  • Communication studies
  • Computational mathematics
  • Computer security
  • Disaster and emergency management
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