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The Quebec Immigration selection system for Quebec Skilled Workers is designed to indicate which applicants are likely to become economically established upon immigration to Quebec. Quebec Skilled Workers intending to reside in Montreal or another city in the province of Quebec are selected based upon a different set of criteria than applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canada. Applicants who are successful under the Quebec immigration selection system are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate and must then successfully complete medical and security examinations conducted by the Canadian government in order to be granted Canada immigration Permanent Resident Visa. Quebec Skilled Workers are not assessed based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada acknowledges the selection of applicants who meet Quebec immigration selection criteria. To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, Skilled Worker applicants must score enough points under the Quebec immigration selection system. The applicants with the following areas of education/training have the maximum chance to qualify for the Quebec Provincial Nominee Program.


  • Building Systems Technology (DCS)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Diagnostic Radiology Technology (DCS)
  • Food Processing and Quality Technology (DCS)
  • Insurance and Financial Advisory Services (DCS)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology (DCS)
  • Radiation Oncology Technology (DCS)
  • 3D Animation and Image Synthesis Techniques (DCS)
  • Accounting and Management Techniques (DCS)
  • Animal Health Techniques (DCS)
  • Architectural Technology (DCS)
  • Avionics (DCS)
  • Biomedical Laboratory Technology (DCS)
  • Building Systems Technology (ACS)
  • Business Management (DCS)
  • Chemical Engineering Techniques (DCS)
  • Chemical Process Techniques (DCS)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (ACS)
  • Composite Material Processing Techniques (DCS)
  • Computer Science Techniques (DCS)
  • Dental Hygiene Techniques (DCS)
  • Documentation Techniques (DCS)
  • Early Childhood Education Techniques (DCS)
  • Environmental Occupational Health and Safety
  • Furniture and Cabinetmaking Techniques (DCS)
  • Geomatics Technology (DCS)
  • Industrial Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Insurance and Financial Advisory Services (ACS)
  • Laboratory Techniques (DCS)
  • Mechanical Engineering Techniques (DCS)
  • Medical Records (DCS)
  • Metallurgical Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Mineral Technology (DCS)
  • Multimedia Integration Techniques (DCS)
  • Office System Techniques (DCS)
  • Orthotic and Orthopedic Prosthesis Techniques (DCS)
  • Pharmaceutical Production Technology (DCS)
  • Physical Rehabilitation Techniques (DCS)
  • Plastics Transformation Techniques (DCS)
  • Respiratory Therapy Techniques (DCS)
  • Restaurant Management (DCS)
  • Social Work Techniques (DCS)
  • Special Care Counselling Techniques (DCS)
  • Aircraft piloting techniques (DEC


  • Accounting and Accounting Science (BS – 3 years)

  • Actuarial Science (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Agricultural and Rural Engineering (BS. – 4 years)
  • Banking and Financial Operations (BS. – 3 years)
  • Biochemistry (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Biological and Biomedical Engineering (BS. – 4 years)
  • Business Administration (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Business Management and Administration (BS. – 3 years)
  • Chemical Engineering (Bach. – 4 years)
  • Chemistry (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Computer Science (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Demography (Master’s degree)
  • Dietetics and Nutrition (Bach. – 3.5-years)
  • Earth Sciences (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Food Engineering (Bach. – 4 years)
  • Food Sciences and Technology (BS. – 4 years)
  • Geodesy (Surveying) (Bach. – 4 years)
  • Geology or Mineralogy (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Graphic Arts (Graphic Communications) (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Human Resources Management (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Industrial and Administrative Engineering (BS. – 4 years)
  • Industrial Relations (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Information Management (Bach. – 3 years)
  • International Business (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Library Science and Records Management (MS degree)
  • Marketing and Purchasing (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Mathematics (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Bach. – 4 years)
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (BS. – 4 years)
  • Microbiology (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Mining Engineering (Bach. – 4 years)
  • Probability and Statistics (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Production Management (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Psychology (Doctorate)
  • Social Work (Bach. – 3 years)
  • Translation (Bach. – 3 years)

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is one of Quebec’s immigration widow to permanent residency.

Quebec Skilled Worker Class Faqs !

Is the Study Permit application paper-based?2021-08-10T09:15:54+00:00

The SDS study permit application has to be completed online, it is not a paper-based application.

What is the SDS Processing time?2021-08-10T07:29:54+00:00

After the completion of your biometrics, the Canadian Student Visa gets processed normally within 20 days.

Is the SDS stream applicable for both graduate and undergraduate studies in Canada ?2021-08-10T07:33:31+00:00

Both students entering a graduate and undergraduate program of study in Canada, can apply through the SDS stream, provided that it is done through a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Can a study permit be extended?2021-08-10T07:35:04+00:00

Yes! You can extend your study permit up to 30 days prior to its expiration but make sure your passport doesn’t expire before or at the same time.

Why should I process my application with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant?2021-08-10T11:43:46+00:00

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are legally authorised representatives and members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can directly represent students Canadian Study Visa / Study Permit in Canadian Embassy. To find out more please complete our free student assessment. One of our dedicated Educational Counsellors will contact you to discuss your study options in detail!

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