Saskatchewan Colleges

Western Academy Broadcasting College

The Western Academy Broadcasting College has been serving grads for over 40 years now. They focus more on the practical aspects and have over 90% job placement rating. It is the only school where you can enroll and tune yourself to be a part of the broadcasting industry in less than a year. There are numerous careers available to you and you can select the one you want to pursue.

Programs offered at WABC:

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and wish to learn about various aspects of broadcasting, you are welcome at this amazing facility. You can easy apply to the course of your choice. If you wish to gain an insight to the life at the campus and how things go around, you can easily book a studio tour.

  • Radio Personality
  • News Broadcaster
  • Sports Broadcaster
  • Audio Production
  • Videographer
  • Radio and TV basic (665 hours long course)
  • Radio and TV Advanced (1070 hours long)

St. Peter’s College

St. Peter’s College is offering students a chance to excel in various careers. They aim at assisting a student in his career while making him socially responsible. The college is committed to ‘live your education’ and believes that each student must make a good career as well as a great person. The institute is committed to serving the needs of society as well as community.

Programs offered at St. Peter’s College:

Some of the courses offered to you need a single term only while others are divided into two terms. The college occupies about 500 acres of stunning land with beautiful landscape. Apart from the academic excellence, the college is known for the beautiful setting which includes grounds, orchards, trails, etc.

  • Agriculture
  • Art History
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Education
  • History
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Kinesiology
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
Brandon-Universities Southeast_Colleg

Southeast College

The Southeast College provides numerous campuses throughout Saskatchewan. They are serving in 6 different communities and aim at providing the best post-secondary education. The college authorities believe in hands-on practices and train pupils for a variety of careers in different fields. There are scholarships, bursaries, and entrance awards on offer that you can avail.

Programs offered at Southeast College:

All of this and much more is on offer to you at Southeast College. The best thing about their facility is that they believe in providing practical education. So, once you complete your certification you’ll certainly be able to deal with practical tasks.

  • Industry and safety training
  • Defensive driving course
  • General Mine Safety Awareness
  • Adult Education
  • Pre 10
  • Health
  • English Language Training
  • Continuing Education
  • Agricultural courses
  • Business training

Indian Institute of Technologies

The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies is a facility that deals with multiple fields of work. Don’t confuse it with merely technology studies because of the name. You are offered tons of different programs under the command of experienced and qualified instructors. At average, a program takes about 32 weeks and is to be completed within 1 year.

Programs offered at Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies:

SIIT aims at providing a family environment to the individuals who enroll there to study. They aim at providing comfortable learning atmosphere where individuals are able to express themselves in the best manner. With appropriate leadership, proper mentorship, and a safe and healthy environment, you can be at a great place for your next course.

  • Business
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Health Care Aide
  • Indigenous Practical Nursing
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Applied Certificate
  • Auto body repair
  • Mining industry pre employment program
  • Outdoor Power equipment repair

Parkland College

Parkland College is one of the most popular institutes in Saskatchewan and has over 6 campuses, a training center, and an array of courses at your disposal. The College has been around for more than 45 years and aims at providing the best learning option for habitants of Parkland and its surroundings. The courses vary a great deal, from accounting to welding to agriculture, business, computers, and much more.

Programs offered at Parkland College:

These are some of the highlighting courses on offer at Parkland College. You can enroll in the course of your choice depending on its availability. Parkland College also provide an online learning option, ed2go Online, but the certifications offered over the internet are limited in number.

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Business certificate
  • Computer training
  • Global Business Management
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Office administration certificate
  • Safety training
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Welding Certificate

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

If you are looking for an institute from where you can learn a skill and attain employment in no time, you can turn towards Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The institute claims that 92% of their students find employment within six months of their graduation. So, once you are here, you can be certain that you’ll end up knowing something which will help you in securing a job.

Programs offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic:

All this and much more is available to you at Saskatchewan polytechnic. The courses include certificate, degree, and diploma depending on the program you enroll in. Providing practical study and hands on experience with equipment, there is a lot for you to learn at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

  • Accounting
  • Auto body technician
  • Automotive painter
  • BioScience technology
  • Business diploma
  • CAD CAM engineering technology
  • Dental assisting
  • Food and nutrition management
  • Heavy equipment technician

Nipawin Bible College

If you are interested in gathering some discipleship, coming closer to the teachings of bible in your life, and at the same time achieve some academic excellence, you can look up to Nipawan Bible College. As the name indicates, the college offers discipleship, providing a chance to follow the teachings of Christ, as well as academic programs that range from 1 to 4 years.

Programs offered at Nipawin Bible College:

The College aims at being more of a family than merely an institute. They promise that you won’t get lost in a crowd of individuals who are striving hard to gain something. Instead, you will enjoy and fun and loving community which provides support and tidy relationships. However, they deal primarily with the Christian studies.

  • Christian ministry diploma
  • Bachelor of Christian ministry
  • Foundations for life
  • Bachelor of arts in biblical studies
  • Bachelor of arts in Christian leadership

Northlands College

Northland College is among the private liberal institutes that focuses primarily on the arts studies. They have turned their attention towards the environment and its sustainability. The courses on offer mainly deals with the students who look forward to being a part of a powerful educational community and enroll in unique courses to gather hands on experience and knowledge.

Programs offered at Northland College:

When you look forward to choosing a college it is not just about going to an institute and study a subject. You are looking to be a part of a community where you will learn a lot from your surroundings. Northland College understands this aspect thoroughly and aims at providing the best and most supportive environment.

  • Ecological restoration
  • Fisheries and wildlife ecology
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental studies
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Pre law
  • Pre ministry
  • Sports management
  • Sustainable agriculture

North West College

Started back in 1974, the North West College has been in the business for a good time. They offer competitive learning to students in various subjects. You have numerous campuses on your disposal and facilities to provide appropriate learning environment to its students. Working under solid governance, the college aims at providing best possible educational facilities.

Programs offered at North West College:

You’ll get a more college like environment where the focus is more on studies and making a person able to stand up and deliver in a certain field. The campus life is filled with colors and excitement where learning curve is carefully integrated to make things easy for pupils who are looking to learn and excel in their careers.

  • Business
  • Office administration
  • Skin care technician
  • Community mental health
  • Esthetician
  • Plumbing and pipefitting
  • Cooking
  • IELTS preparation
  • Computer literacy

Lakeland College

When we talk about colleges that can offer a variety of programs and maintain high standards of education, Lakeland College is a name that is likely to pop up. It is a college that provides a smooth learning environment in its multiple campuses. With state of the art facilities available to provide hands on practice for pupils who enroll in certifications and courses, you can have a very good learning experience.

Programs offered at Lakeland College:

Offering one of the best campus life experiences, you will be able to enjoy athletics, financial aid and awards, and other services for students. The residence option, recreation, commons, and other facilities are also available.

  • AHT
  • Animal science technology
  • General business major
  • Bachelor degree in business
  • Petroleum management diploma
  • Bachelor of applied science in environmental management
  • Water conservation and management
  • Fire and emergency services
  • Trades technology pre employment
  • University transfer courses

College & Seminary

If you look forward to being a good Christian leader, Horizon College and Seminary might be the place for you. It aims at preparing individuals to step forward and become Christian leaders and serve their community. The college offers competency based education model which makes it different from others that fall in the same category. With 98% student satisfaction rate, 100% student volunteering in ministry, and 78% graduates in ministry positions, you can be certain that you are enrolling in a good College.

Programs offered at Horizon College and Seminary:

The campus life at Horizon College and Seminary offers unique experience to students. It is perfect for those who are looking to gain insight to religious studies. It includes prayer, chapel, life groups and other community covenant.

  • Certificate in Christian Leadership
  • Th pastoral leadership
  • Advanced certificate in ministry leadership
  • BA youth ministry
  • Advanced certificate in Christian studies
  • Christian life studies
  • Diploma in pastoral leadership
  • BA media ministry

Great Plains College

Great Plains College offer studies at various decentralized campuses at multiple locations. It is one of the leading colleges in Saskatchewan and has a number of accolades to its name. Offering teachings in various fields, you have a chance to attain post secondary certificates, diplomas, degree programs, and even university courses. Also, the adult basic education and English language courses are offered at the campuses.

Programs offered at Great Plains College:

The college is known to be a part of an event almost once every three days or so. Some of the activities include Olympic torch relay, mock accidents for increasing awareness, tree planting, scavenger hunts, and fundraising.

  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Continuing care training (CCA)
  • Business diploma in human resources
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
  • Diploma in safety, health, and environmental management
  • Administrative assistant
  • Safety training
  • Master of business administration in community economic development

Cumberland College

Cumberland College has been giving its students a chance to acquire state of the art training and education. The programs are available for adults and 3 campuses are offering various courses to individuals from all over the areas. From university programs to diplomas and certification courses, everything is available at Cumberland College.

Programs offered at Cumberland College:

With numerous student support programs and scholarships on offer, you can easily apply for the course of your choice and be a part of Cumberland College. You get a chance to be a part of friendly and hardworking community that is not only looking to excel in their careers but also aimed at improving different walks of day to day life.

  • Bachelor of social work
  • Education
  • General business diploma
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Pre medicine
  • Pre pharmacy or nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Red Cross standard first aid / CPR / AED combo
  • Transportation of dangerous goods

Collège Mathieu

If you are looking for a facility that provides credited and uncredited training in French, you can opt for College Mathieu. It gives you a chance to acquire customized training and online education. Dealing with French, English, and Spanish languages, you will be able to acquire education in the most comfortable and supportive manner.

Programs offered at College Mathieu:

Mathieu College provides a simple and sleek college life which is free from hassle and worries. You get a chance to learn at a comfortable pace in an environment which is supportive for the students. The facilities are equipped with modern technology and you will be able to get hands on practice for numerous courses.

  • echniques in business administration
  • Specialized educational help
  • Early childhood education
  • Welding technique
  • Assistant to the occupational therapist and physiotherapist assistant
  • Healthcare attendant
  • Auxiliary nursing
  • Event management

Eston College

For over 75 years the Eston College has been in the business, providing education to the residents of Canada. It is not like a traditional college. You will find yourself in an evangelical and Pentecostal community which is looking to develop individuals that follow the teachings of Christ and are faithful to their duties. Looking to educate individuals in the wisdom of Bible, you’ll be able to receive teachings in 4 stages which include word, wisdom, spirit, and walk. The offer a program which includes learning from various aspects.

Programs offered at Eston College:

EC claims to provide an environment that is helpful in growing spirituality and would make you learn beyond the books. You don’t just step in and learn, you also make lifelong friends. Providing a chance to attain studies in affordable way, you can benefit from EC if you are interested in the Biblical and Christianity teachings.

  • Leadership Training
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Ministry
  • Intellectual enhancement
  • Values

Carlton Trail College

Carlton Trail College focuses on the modern day training and educational requirements. They are committed to create a force which is well trained and equipped with industrial knowledge. Partnering with businesses, industries, and communities, the college offers programs and courses for individuals of all ages and genders. The teaching approach is student centered and a team of experienced instructor is giving its all to the pupils.

Programs offered at Carlton Trail College:

As a student, if you are aiming at getting good training and professional education which can help you in your career, you will be able to attain it from the Carlton Trail College. Not only you have choice to study in-campus but you can also benefit from two types of online courses. These include ed2go online courses and UGotClass online courses.

  • Office administration
  • Electrician
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Leadership and management courses
  • Project management programs
  • Industry training
  • Computer and technology training
  • Alternative health
  • Food and wine
  • DIY

Briercrest College and Seminary

The Briercrest College and Seminary is a Christ centered college which is providing a chance for you to learn in a bible anchored community. With primary focus on the ministry, the college is committed to train students who are interested in the Christianity teachings and want to be a part of the ministry. It is not just about learning to attain degrees; you will be able to manifest the biblical teachings inside your head.

Programs offered at Briercrest College and Seminary:

As the campus is ministry focused, you will find a tight knit within the community. The individuals aim at pursuing the studies together to uncover the true meaning of the biblical teachings. You will be able to enjoy discipleship and close relationships.

  • Bachelor of arts
  • Addiction studies
  • Youth ministry
  • Associate of arts
  • Biblical studies
  • Humanities
  • Certificates
  • Pre-professional programs
  • Minors
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
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