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Saskatchewan is a Canadian province that borders the United States to the south. Grassland covers its southern plains, and to the north are the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield plateau, coniferous forests, rivers and lakes. Regina, the provincial capital, is home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, with exhibits on natural history and the people of Canada’s First Nations.

The International Skilled Worker category is for skilled workers who want to work and live in Saskatchewan. This category enables the SINP to nominate individuals who have the education, skilled work experience, language ability and other factors to help them to successfully establish and integrate into Saskatchewan’s labor market and communities.  This category has three main streams which include the following

International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer

Under this category, skilled workers who have an offer of skilled employment from a Saskatchewan employer could be eligible to apply for nomination by the SINP.

International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand

Under this category, skilled workers who do not have an employment offer but are highly skilled in an occupation that is in demand in Saskatchewan could be eligible to apply for nomination by the SINP.

International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry

Under this category, skilled workers that are in CIC Express Entry Pool may be eligible to apply for nomination by the SINP.

Note: Applicants must score a minimum of 60 out of a possible 100 points to be considered for nomination. Applicants must also meet the following mandatory criteria

Have been accepted into CIC’s Express Entry pool and have an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code.


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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Occupations In-Demand List

Individuals with formal post-secondary education or training and a minimum of one year of work experience in the past ten years related to one of the below Occupations In- Demand may qualify to apply under the SINP International Skilled Worker Express Entry Category without a sponsoring employer:

0821Managers in agriculture
8252Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
0822Managers in horticulture
7384Recreation Vehicle Service
7322Motor vehicle body repairers
7321Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics
7312Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
7311Industrial mechanics
7204Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades
7201Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades and related occupations
6331Meat cutters
2123Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists
3216Medical sonographers
3211Medical laboratory technologists
4214Early childhood educators and assistants
4212Social and community service workers
3215Medical Radiation Technologists
2154Land surveyors

SINP Faqs !

Permanent residency in Canada is a status given to a person who is not a citizen of Canada. This status is permanent and cannot be revoked. Permanent Residents are allowed to live and work in Canada without worrying about any time constraints on their stay. For becoming a permanent resident, a foreign national must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), previously known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada. People who become permanent residents of Canada can also attend primary and secondary education institutions in the numerous provincially administered public school systems. Permanent residents also get provincially administered universal health care coverage. You can travel outside Canada while maintaining your status as a permanent resident. However, to remain a permanent resident, you must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years) in every 5-year period.

The Federal skilled worker class is a system based on points which gives permanent resident status to qualified applicants who show an ability to become economically established in Canada. There are six main selection factors for assessment which comprise of 100 points. Scoring 67 out of these 100 points makes the candidate eligible for the main selection process in which candidates with a lesser age, higher education, more work experience and a high band of IELTS score qualify to receive the invitation.

Applications submitted under the Federal skilled worker class undergo a two-stage assessment process.

To qualify under the First-Stage, skilled worker applicants must meet the following conditions:

  1.  Eliminatory condition:
  • Possess at least one year of applicable experience in one of 50 major high demand occupations (health, skilled trades and finance) OR
  • Possess an approved offer of “Arranged Employment”; OR
  • Legally living in Canada for a minimum of one year as a temporary foreign worker and have received a permanent full time employment offer from current employer; OR
  • Are enrolled in good standing in a Canadian PhD program and have completed at least two years of the program or graduated within the 12 months preceding the application.
  • Applicants who meet one of the above eliminatory conditions will be eligible for continued processing as a skilled worker under a second-stage at which time they must also meet each of the following essential selection conditions:
  1.  Essential selection conditions:
  • Possess one-year, within the previous 10 years, of suitable continuous full-time paid work experience or the equivalent in part-time continuous employment; AND
  • The work experience must be classified within Skill Type 0 (Managerial Occupations), Skill Level A (Professional Occupations), or Skill Level B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades) within the meaning of the National Occupational Classification system; AND
  • Score sufficient points under the skilled worker point grid comprising of six selection factors. The current pass mark is 67 points; AND
  • Possess suitable settlement funding; AND
  • Undergo a successful security background and medical examination.

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