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Express Entry Canada New Immigration Policy announced by Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Mr. Ahmed Hussein, under which 1 Million People will Immigrate to Canada till 2020.Under the plan, 310,000 new permanent residents will settle in Canada in 2018. This target will be increased to 330,000 newcomers in 2019, with a further 340,000 to settle in 2020.

IT & Software Engineers, Web Developers, Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Auditors, Bankers, Finance Professionals, Actuaries, HR & Marketing Executives, Logistics & Supply Chain Professionals, Social Workers, University Lecturers & Professors, Scientists, Business Professionals and Many More.

According to Statistics Provided by Government of Canada Graduates with 1-2 Years of Experience on Average are Earning 4500-6000 Canadian Dollars Per Month.

With a Canadian Passport one can travel to 172 Countries with Visa free Entry ( Henley Index).

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Free Education for Yourself & Family.

Access to World Class Health and Medical Facilities.

You can Sponsor your Parents Via Super Visa.

Any Misinterpretation or Insufficient Proofs can ban your Profile for 5 Years in Canada.

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