Introduction to UK

The United Kingdom has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence. Home to the world’s oldest university in the English-speaking world, the UK attracts over 500,000 International students annually. In fact, the UK is amongst the top three countries students choose for international education around the world.

Why study in UK?

The UK has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence. It provides students an opportunity to get world-class education, access cutting-edge research, and learn from the brightest minds. Students get the knowledge and skills that employers want all while enjoying a high quality of life.

Do you know?

UK is home to the World’s Oldest Universities in English speaking world.

World's Best Education

The biggest reason students choose to come to the UK is its world-renowned reputation for academic success. Universities in the UK live among the best in the world. In fact, three of the top 10 Universities of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 are British. Higher education institutions in the UK are governed by the British government to maintain their international recognition, high quality of education and to ensure that students receive the best possible support and resources.

Cutting-Edge Research

The UK is at the forefront of active research and emerging technologies, providing students with access to high quality information and experiences across the country. Students in the UK have the opportunity to collaborate on groundbreaking research, get their hands on the latest technologies, and learn from the best thinkers who are among the best minds in their fields.

Admission Requirements

Admission into British Universities are generally based on student’s past academic achievement in English language proficiency. However, the exact requirements for admission and the cut-off dates often vary from institution to institution and program to program. Successful students must first review the admission requirements in advance to give themselves sufficient time to satisfy the admission requirements. This may include taking the first courses they need, collecting the required documents, writing practical exams and completing any other steps needed to be accepted.

English Language Proficiency

The following test & scores are commonly accepted for entry into degree-level courses:
  • IELTS scores b/w 5.5 & 6.5 (usually 6.0) with no band less than 5.5 or 6.0
  • TOFEL (Internet-Based Test, IBT) scores between 60.0 and 90.0 overall
  • PTE score b/w 50 to 64 overall
  • CAE or CPE score b/w 169 to 176 overall, with no less than 169 in each category

Required Documents for General Student Visa (Tier 4)

Students need to submit a series of supporting documents as part of their online student visa application. To find out which documents your student needs. Students must provide the following list of documents:

  • Current passport
  • Confirmation of acceptance (CAS Letter)
  • Biometric information
  • Language proficiency result
  • Proof of tuition fee
  • Proof of parental or other legal guarding consent (If student is under 18)
  • Proof of students relationship with the said parent or guarding if they’re under 18
  • Tuberculosis test results if the student is coming from one of the countries where you need a TB test to enter the UK
  • Immigration healthcare surcharge fee

Study in UK Faqs!

You need to have Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the UK.

Yes, you can apply for student visitor visa if your duration of study is 6 months or less.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies-CAS is an electronic document issued by the university in support of your application for a student visa and 30 points are awarded if you have a valid CAS letter.

For London you must have 11,385 for 28 days before applying and 9135 are needed outside London.

No. If you want to study in the UK, you will only be allowed to study full-time courses on a Tier 4 student visa.

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