Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the best places for an international student to study. After getting your Canada student visa and starting your academic life there, you will experience many new things that will shape you for a better future. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider studying in Canada:

Education and Scholarship

Canada attracts thousands of students each year from abroad because it is one of the best places to pursue your studies. The country provides world class education which is recognized globally with a long list of universities in CanadaA Canadian degree is just the same value as any degree from the UK or Europe. There are special benefits that are provided by both university and the government for students that are aiming for higher studies. Students come out with flying colors after being trained in an institution with high quality education and excellent academic standards. The fees are very low as compared to different other bordering countries, for the international students. Apart from the low fees, you will also get many scholarship opportunities. Though the number of universities is less than the US, the education standard does not fall behind.

Do you know?

Canada offers International Students Research based programs, State of the Art Campuses & Cutting-Edge Technology.

Campus Lifestyle

There are many other events happening within the university other than just the education. Each university has its own parties and events that involve students, focusing on cultural events other than just studies to help you blend in with the multicultural people in the university. You can stand out in talent by participating in university events. On-campus you will have access to daily newspapers, free Wi-Fi, magazines, journals and much more stuff. You will definitely have fun in the versatile lifestyle experience and way of learning in your time spent at studying in Canada.

Research Values

Research is one of the most important things for a graduate student. If you come out with research ideas there are many universities that will support you and even provide scholarships for your research work. Students perform research with the guidance of their lecturers in the university in any field that they are interested in. There will be many industries, companies and even government that will accept your cost of research if it peaks their interest.

Employment Opportunity

Students are allowed to take jobs off and on-campus if they want to, as long as they are studying. You do not need a work permit to have a job on campus, and up to 20 hours a week of working hours are available. You can find a lot of part-time jobs off-campus, like in hostels, hotels, tutoring, general labor and more. There are a lot of employment opportunities in the technical domain after you graduate. If you have the right skills and certifications, you will find it pretty easy to be placed in a good company at a great post.

Canadian Immigration

Students receive work permit along with their student visa. Students are able to work here after their graduation. Students can apply for a permanent residency in Canada after just one year of their studies. Getting higher education and your student visa has been made pretty easy by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Top Reasons to Study in Canada​ Faqs !

Following reasons will make you choose Canada:

  • Diversity
  • Multiculturism
  • Religious Freedom
  • State of the Art Institutions
  • Credentials valued world-wide

Yes. Institutes do provide Co-ops. In some courses co-ops are mandatory and in some courses co-ops are optional.

Yes living in Canada is very affordable in comparison with UK, USA & Australia.

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